Medical Research Council 

Fajara The Gambia


Barkers International have just recently completed a major upgrade of the network at MRC's headquarters in West Africa. The system is crucial in supporting 200 scientists, clinicians, senior administrative staff  and over 500 support staff. Aside from MRC's research centre in Fajara, there are also 4 field stations including Guinea Bissau. 


The MRC laboratories was founded in Gambia back in 1947 when the WWII British Army Hospital was handed over to Medical Research Council. Its main unit is at Fajara on the Atlantic Road. 

The unit's research concentrates on communicable diseases of direct concern to The Gambia and the African continent, for the purpose of minimising the burden of illness and mortality in the country and the developing world as a whole. It is conducts research in nutrition, reproductive health and non-communicable diseases.